About Ashley Lachterman

Fashion blogger who has a passion for all things fashion and trendy. Lives in Texas, balances blogging, entrepreneurship, and being a full time student. This blog is a good mix of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle through the eyes of Ashley.

I created this blog my junior year of high school to inspire any aspiring fashion enthusiasts, like myself, out there. I wanted to document what I wear in hopes of developing my own personal style.

I don’t think fashion is limited to age because, as the saying goes, age is but a number. I believe everyone has a passion, whether they’ve figured out what it is yet is the only uncertainty. Follow your dreams, listen to your heart, shoot for the stars…however you want to put it. No saying is too cliche to be taken lightly and as one of my own mantras goes: “Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny”.

Fashion is an art form, you can wear what you want to wear! It’s definitely a form of self expression and don’t let anyone tell you different. People think that trends tend to make everyone look the same but what I think is attention to detail is so important when you want to look good. Attitude and how you carry yourself is everything. Style in itself is much more interesting than fashion, really. As a fashion blogger and people think, what do I know? Fashion NEVER stops. There is always a new project, a new opportunity.

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