January Fashion Favorites

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Hi lovelies! I hope everyone’s 2016 is going well so far, I’ve definitely been busy this year! Here are some of my favorite clothing items I’ve been loving this month. Hope this inspires some of your new wardrobes in the new year!

Denim skirt: Topshop
I never thought I would see myself in a denim skirt after maybe 2006, but this trend is definitely one that’s been popping up again and again and I am loving it. Style it with a long sleeved crop top or chunky knit sweater with some booties for a killer combo.20160205_182352000_iOS[1]
Fur Tassels: Local Boutique (pink) and Michael Kors (brown)
Before you ask, no these aren’t the Fendi Monsters. I’m not about to drop hundreds of dollars on these puff ball key chains no matter how trendy and cute they are. Charms like this are a fun way to add a pop of texture and color to your everyday bag!
Sunnies: Dior
My first designer sunglasses are these beautiful pink babies. I just about died when I was walking through the department store and saw them! An unexpected color but the frame is definitely super flattering on most face shapes, particularly helpful for someone with a small face like me!
Sneakers: Adidas
These comfortable, yet versatile shoes are another resurgence of an old trend coming back in style. These “superstar” kicks dress down any outfit to give you that effortless street-style vibe we see in so many fashion magazines. Also, sneakers are way more comfortable than heels, let’s be real.20160205_180652000_iOS[1]
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