Blogging: Expectations vs. Reality

This is probably the realest post I’ve done. These days with blogging it feels like there’s a big pressure to have this Instagram worthy life and in reality, we’re all normal and we eat a whole bag of chips and use dry shampoo for a little longer than we should. I’m okay with having a bit of a laugh at my less than glamorous side, so here goes with a few ‘blogging realities’.
Having an “Insta-worthy” work space VS Mess
Something any sort of blogger knows is that, when it comes to taking pictures, the ‘less is more’ look is almost always more visually appealing than a cluttered space. Personally, getting that ‘everything in place’ sort of picture takes a whole lot of mess. I take pictures like this on some sort of white background like a blanket or clean table. The bit that’s not in the shot is always a tiny potion of the chaos I’ve created with piles of crap surrounding me. Taking these photos are actually harder than you’d think due to having to stand up and look like an idiot taking a picture from above while somehow managing NOT to get a shadow in the shot. Trust me, I wish I could say I had only a few things on my agenda but balancing being a full-time student and fashion blogger gets difficult. I find myself plotting graphs for math class as I skim the latest fashion magazines for inspiration on future posts…talk about multitasking!
Heels VS. Slippers
DSCN1252 It’s rare that I’m actually wearing the outfit that I’m typing up about. I take the vast majority of my blog pictures on the weekend, which usually means I mostly finish off posts at a later date. Usually I’ll be typing up blog posts in my dressing gown and slippers with no makeup on. I love getting dolled up, but I also love comfy clothes like Kanye loves Kanye.
Good skin day VS. Breakouts
MAKEUP IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. I haven’t got the worst skin in the world, but I still have acne breakouts and spots from previous skin disasters every so often. The reality is that the magic of cosmetics, good lighting, and filters can all help a girl out…just ask the magazines.
Having a photographer VS. The struggle
DSCN1265 DSCN1257 Ever wonder how those Instagram famous bloggers and fashion icons out there seem to always ¬†get the perfect shot? They’ve got help. As a full-time student where everyone’s got busy schedules it’s hard to find myself a full-time photographer to help me out on the weekends. Sometimes I have to rely on myself, a tripod, and my camera to get me through a post. Not what I would recommend but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
So, that’s a peak into my ‘real’ side of blogging. Yeah, sometimes I am dolled up with my hair in perfect curls, but there are also plenty of times when I’m in my pajamas, eating snickerdoodles and quickly skipping through the blog pictures where I look like a thumb.
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