Fashion 101: Going to School in Texas

College has flown by so far and I’ve managed to somehow avoid rolling out of bed in my pajamas every day. Whether you’re coming from a strict dress-code type of high school or just love to shop… get excited!
Bask in the glory that is freedom to wear what you want, express yourself, and find what you’re passionate about. Pretty soon classes will be taking over your life and it will be easy to fall into a t-shirt and yoga pants kind of rut. Here are some tips to ensure a fashion-forward success at university.
Going to school in South Texas, it’s not quite necessary to start talking about transitioning summer clothing to fall clothing just yet. Our current wardrobe means shorts and tank tops until early November! So here’s a way to wear other clothes while walking around campus in 100-degree weather.
One word. Rompers. Consider them a college fashionista’s closet dream. I always call them “grab and go” pieces because you can throw them on before running to an 8am class, coffee in hand. With a romper, there are automatically fewer outfit choices to deal with. Throw on a sweater when your lecture hall is freezing, make sure your shoes match, and essentially you’re good to go.
Next, maxi skirts. Pinterest says it all…throw one of these on and you automatically look more dressed up. They’re just as comfortable as leggings but you’re literally not wearing pants! Fun details, like this trim, can make any outfit look more put together.
 Maxi dresses also are a closet space saver. Again, fewer clothes to find in the closet makes for an automatic outfit that’s simultaneously chic and effortless. Don’t forget the accessories!
As mentioned earlier, Texas heat doesn’t go away, like, ever. So I suggest investing in sleeveless everything. Unlike all the other states, our lack of changing seasons means these pieces will stay in your closet for awhile.
Now one word on shoes. It’s no secret that most campuses are not heel-friendly. With all the stairs, winding sidewalks, and uphill marches a fashionista has no time for blisters. Sandals like Birkenstocks, slides, gladiators, and even flip flops are great investments for the school year. Cute lace up sneakers and booties are great when it randomly starts to rain in the middle of the day too!
Here’s one final tip: ultimately wear what you want to wear. I always preach this statement because let’s face it, you’re the one who’s wearing the clothes. Why let others decide what you put on your body? If it makes you feel confident then go for it! I promise you’ll feel more comfortable that way! Here are a few shots from a fun campus photoshoot I did. Happy Friday!

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